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How High, How Far and How Fast —Assess Your Organization

What improvements is your organization pursuing? It is likely that your management has spent a lot of time reviewing best practices and evaluating which ones can provide the needed performance improvements. But has any effort been expended to determine which of these best practices are "doable" within your organization?

Managing the Complete Motor System

Modern management practices often do not take into account the importance of motor systems maintenance and management requirements. Through efforts in cost control, many industrial and commercial firms reduce maintenance staffs, take least cost approaches to corrective actions and sacrifice preventive maintenance programs.

Road to Gold

Hamilton Sunstrand quest to achieve UTC's Ace Gold Status by Steven Piazza, Hamilton Sunstrand (Winner Uptime Magazine PdM Program of Year Award Best Ultrasound Program for 2007)

The maintenance aspect of our jobs would be easy if we could have the advanced knowledge of machinery and equipment failures. By closely predicting the life cycle of parts and equipment it would be simple to schedule the repairs and the replacement of equipment and manufacturing systems. As we all know, accurate and timely scheduling team up to drive the effectiveness and efficiency of our maintenance resources.

Inventory Management Strategies

By Randy Walker

1) Introduction to Inventory Management

For Facilities Maintenance Organizations, the quickest and most substantial "hard dollar" returns are achieved through the Inventory and Purchasing modules. Even in Equipment-centric Organizations, where the emphasis is on uptime and asset efficiency, the savings from improved materials management can be sufficiently large to cover the cost of purchasing and implementing a CMMS project.


The Synergy of Ultrasound and Vibration Analysis

Today's airborne ultrasound is a far more versatile technology than most people think. We can use ultrasound, together with vibration analysis and infrared thermography, to deepen our understanding of our machinery's condition. This article, which touches upon the use of airborne ultrasound and vibration, is the second of a three part series, in which we look at ultrasound, ultrasound/vibration and ultrasound/infrared.