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Deciphering the Myths: Some Observations on Improvement Tools and Strategy

It’s not easy trying to convince people to use a more comprehensive approach to achieve reliability and operational excellence objectives. Managers need to focus less on maintenance and more on operations, design and procurement. Eliminating the defects in these areas will naturally result in fewer failures, lower costs, higher production and, not surprisingly, a far more efficient and effective maintenance organization. If you focus mainly on maintenance, you will only do work that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place more efficiently. But if you focus on the other areas, working as a team aligned to a common purpose while giving an appropriate level of attention to maintenance, you will be far more successful in having a reliable plant. This article attempts to convince people to apply this comprehensive approach by addressing certain myths.

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Bad Salesmanship Hinders Reliability

Do not dismiss the above statement thinking it does not apply to your situation because you are not a roving consultant or contractor. In-house maintenance reliability professionals need to exhibit the same, or even better, customer service when it comes to driving change or pulling their organization toward a path of continuous improvement.

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Q&A with an Industry Leader - Breon Klopp

Uptime Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with the 31st International Maintenance Conference (IMC-2016) Keynoter, Breon Klopp. Breon is the Founder and Managing Partner at Sestrana, a company that develops and facilitates high-impact experiential learning and training events to engage and motivate organizations on methods for improvement. From a perspective that is entertaining and realistic, Breon inspires participants through a racecar pit stop challenge that focuses on performance, processes, and teamwork.

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The Most Definitive Test of a Hydraulic Pump

Several tests can be performed on a hydraulic pump to indicate its condition. The temperature of the pump case, the flow of the case drain and the current draw of the drive motor are common checks that can be done regularly and over a period of time to track the wear of a hydraulic pump.

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A Two-Plane Balancing Solution for the Lag Phase Measuring System

A balance program developed for the lead phase measuring system was used for searching the effective two-plane balancing solution for the lag phase system of measurement for an overhung rigid rotor. This article presents the mathematical expression of the solution and its validation from the results of a test for two-plane balance by comparing calculated values using experimental data.

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The Soft Stuff Really Is the HARD Stuff

You have probably heard the phrase, “the soft stuff is the hard stuff,” meaning that the tools and techniques are actually easier to do than the “softer” issues, like leadership, alignment, teamwork and managing cultural change. Consider, for example, the finding of a Harvard Business Review study of some 200 management tools, such as total quality management (TQM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), etc., used in 160 companies over a five-year period.

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MEMS Accelerometer Performance Comes of Age

In the June/July 2016 Uptime article, “Condition Monitoring and MEMS Accelerometers: What You Need to Know,” several attributes of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) accelerometers were presented that make the technology compelling for condition monitoring applications. This article reviews data demonstrating the state of MEMS technology development and performance levels by comparing it to a commercially available piezoelectric (PZT) condition monitoring accelerometer.