Don’t Just Fix It, Improve It!

Don’t Just Fix It, Improve It!

A Journey to the Precision Domain


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About this title

James Emery is struggling to balance his various roles as husband, father, and plant manager for Modern Products Manufacturing. When an accident occurs at the plant, leaving people seriously injured, James feels responsible.

The accident is the impetus to drastic changes in both James’ personal life and his career. In his relentless pursuit to create lasting change he faces a long road of mistakes and missteps while facing opposition from his subordinates and pressure from his superiors. James gathers allies by building a shadow network of employees who support his plans.

In his struggles to create a safe place for employees to work while satisfying his superiors with improved performance, he begins his journey to the Precision Domain. Listen as James embarks on a journey of lasting Heroic Change.


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Cast of Characters

Chapter 1: A Reactive Leader
Chapter 2: The Call for Change
Chapter 3: An Action Plan
Chapter 4: A Gathering of Allies
Chapter 5: A Dismal Success
Chapter 6: A Long Lonely Road of Trials
Chapter 7: Who's In Control?
Chapter 8: Putting the Pieces Together
Chapter 9: Engaging the Organization
Chapter 10: The Less Direct Route
Chapter 11: Walking in the World of the Precision Domain
Chapter 12: A New Challenge
Chapter 13: In Which The Truth Is Revealed
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