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A Guide to Using Ultrasound for Leak Detection and Condition Monitoring


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The use of airborne ultrasound by a wide array of manufacturing has led many to dub ultrasound a predictive maintenance tool for the masses. It is a technology with mass appeal, a wide range of applications, and a cost entry point that makes it accessible to practically anyone.

In this book, the authors guide you through the technology step by step, with each chapter dedicated to an application and how the technology applies to that application. You will learn how the inspection should be carried out, along with real-life examples of how these applications are currently being applied.

Airborne and structure borne ultrasonic inspection provides industry with an efficient solution for all kinds of preventative and predictive maintenance functions.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Principles of Sound
  • Chapter 3: Measurement of Ultrasound
  • Chapter 4: Airborne Applications
  • Chapter 5: Flow Monitoring
  • Chapter 6: Electrical Application
  • Chapter 7: Tightness Testing
  • Chapter 8: Friction
  • Chapter 9: Impacts
  • Chapter 10: Linear Motion
  • Chapter 11: Program Implementation Strategies and Training