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2 Day RCA Facilitators

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides a working knowledge of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis method. It helps anyone to understand fundamental problem solving processes and examines the basic concept of problem solving, and how to facilitate an effective problem analysis. On the second day, students will apply everything learned on the first day to a prepared scenario. This is to provide ‘real world’ training, and to show how effective these methods really are. Students learn how to facilitate an investigation (using role play).

LEARNING OUTCOMES - Effectively facilitate an RCA using the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology - Create a cause and effect chart using actions and conditions to identify root causes - Identify and select effective solutions to implement

REALITYCHARTING® The most effective RCA investigations are accompanied by well written reports. Reporting of RCA investigations is greatly enhanced when using a purpose built tool that guides students through the RCA process. This course comes with a copy of Realitycharting® for each student which can be used to document a cause and effect chart and ensures sound reporting of investigations and easy dissemination of findings throughout the organization.

RECOMMENDED ATTENDEES Anyone who has any type of incident or failure, which has a chance of reoccurring, and anyone who is engaged in dealing with problems on a regular basis. In particular, this course is suited to those who will lead investigations and produce reports.

The Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology was created by Apollonian Publications. ARMS Reliability are Licensed to use and distribute Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology materials.