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Smartphones & QR Codes Are Changing Physical Asset Management

Forrest Pardue and Chris Tyler

Smart devices and QR code technology offer an opportunity to simplify asset management by putting usable information into the hands of more plant employees needing the information. 

QR Codes

In general, smart devices allow plant employees to easily check equipment condition, inspections, or the status of repairs and send equipment action requests, like condition entry, request for condition testing and disconnects.

Some Uses for QR Codes and Smart Devices in Reliability Information Management

  1. Enter immediate problem notification
  2. Display installed equipment name plate and design information, such as bearing ID, brush data, breaker settings
  3. Display documents like manuals, installation procedures, lube procedures, lockout/tagout
  4. Search for replacements in stores
  5. Display previous and current condition entries
  6. Define an action for selected equipment, such as disconnect, test, clean
  7. Display previous repair shop results
  8. Send email about equipment/location
  9. Update equipment state > install, stores, send to repair
  10. Initiate an inspection route


QR Codes

QR Codes

QR Codes

QR Codes

Forrest PardueE. Forrest Pardue, President, 24/7 Systems, Inc. Forrest has worked in the field of vibration analysis and production maintenance for the last 25 years. In 1998 Forrest co-founded 24/7 Systems with his partner, Paul Wolfensberger.


Chris TylerChris Tyler, Customer Support, 24/7 Systems, Inc. Joining 24/7 Systems in 2011, Chris works with clients to introduce webbased equipment lifecycle management services.


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