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Root Cause Analysis Training

July 29 - July 31 · Greenville, South Carolina · Training Workshop

Which approach is more reliable: a doctor that routinely uses a thermometer and prescribes aspirin to a patient with repeat fevers, or a doctor that uses a combination of diagnostic techniques to uncover the true cause of a patient’s fever?

Managing Asset Information For Whole Life Value From Capex to Opex Roundtable

July 29 - July 29 · Bonita Springs, Florida · Conference

Managing Asset Information For Whole Life Value From Capex to Opex Roundtable by Tedd Weitzman, Southern Company and Ross Dentten, CrossRail UK and facilitated by Terrence O'Hanlon, CEO/Publisher and Uptime Magazine.

This candid* and highly interactive global event is professionally managed and led by CEO and Uptime Magazine Publisher, Terrence O'Hanlon.


Lean Maintenance

August 5 - August 7 · Charleston, South Carolina · Training Workshop

Discover strategies to effectively eliminate waste in maintenance operations and projects. This workshop is designed for all levels of maintenance personnel, including supervisors, planners, managers, maintenance engineers and maintenance workers. 

RCM2 Facilitator Course- An Aladon Network Course Houston, TX

August 11 - August 22 · iPresentation Webinar

The RCM2 Facilitator Course is a 10 day course introducing the skills necessary to successfully lead an RCM2 analysis. An experienced Aladon Certified
Practitioner will teach you to understand the 45 competencies of a facilitator through classroom application and coaching using real world case studies.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training

August 11 - August 15 · Charleston, South Carolina · Training Workshop

Planning and scheduling is one of the fastest and most effective investments an organization can make to improve productivity and availability.

Machinery Lubrication Level I Training – Philadelphia, PA

August 12 - August 14 · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Training Workshop

Learn Precision Lubrication Skills For Maximizing Machine Reliability. This three-day certification course is designed to transform your lubrication program providing training in industrial lubricants, machinery lubrication, contamination control and oil sampling. Learn how to troubleshoot lubricant-related machine failures, prevent bearing failures, solve water-in-oil problems, create effective lubrication PMs and maximize machine reliability in this certification course. Includes Level I MLT Certification Preparation.

Machinery Malfunction Diagnosis & Correction (Part 2) 4-days Houston, TX

August 18 - August 21 · Pearland, Texas · Training Workshop

Part 2: Machinery Characteristics, Malfunctions & Corrections

These two seminars represent a unique opportunity to examine the three fundamental aspects for solving machinery problems. 

Reliability Engineering Excellence Training

August 19 - August 21 · Charleston, South Carolina · Training Workshop

The Reliability Engineer (RE) is the business advisor to facility maintenance and production. In this role, the RE mitigates the risks associated with managing assets by encouraging interdepartmental partnerships focused on the goal of reliable production. This strategic position is responsible for evaluating and predicting performance to achieve the greatest asset utilization at the lowest total cost of ownership. The RE sees all aspects of proper plant function, puts equipment first, and makes decisions based on how machines function and their impact on production. Just as a business advisor must balance policy and diplomacy, the RE must be dedicated to preserving asset reliability and managing risk.

Maintenance Planning & Materials Management

August 19 - August 21 · Greenville, South Carolina · Training Workshop

In the journey towards reliability, Work Management processes and Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) are intricately connected. As organizations mature in their work planning, material planning becomes essential to successful Maintenance operations, enabling the work to be executed with the right tools in the right place at the right time.

OMA I - Oil Monitoring Analyst Training & Certification

August 20 - August 21 · Wichita, Kansas · Training Workshop

OMA I Overview

  • Oil Monitoring Analyst Level I

Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) is the only independent certification for the lubrication professional that recognizes those individuals who possess current knowledge of lubrication analysis and machine condition monitoring in industrial settings.

This course is good preparation for the OMA certification exam, and is an excellent lubrication analysis course that will give you the tools to be more effective in your job.

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