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OMA I - Oil Monitoring Analyst Training & Certification

August 20 - August 21 · Wichita, Kansas · Training Workshop

OMA I Overview

  • Oil Monitoring Analyst Level I

Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) is the only independent certification for the lubrication professional that recognizes those individuals who possess current knowledge of lubrication analysis and machine condition monitoring in industrial settings.

This course is good preparation for the OMA certification exam, and is an excellent lubrication analysis course that will give you the tools to be more effective in your job.

Planning and Scheduling (2 days); Spare Parts Management (1 day) Two courses one price $1495.00

August 25 - August 27 · Raleigh, North Carolina · Training Workshop

Planning and Scheduling

The foundation of excellence and achieving cost-effective equipment reliability starts with Maintenance Planning and Scheduling. If you want to improve efficiency, effectiveness and reduce overall maintenance cost over time, this is the training course for you. We share practical how-to experience and best practices that you can apply on the job.

Materials Management / Storerooms - Atlanta, GA

August 25 - August 26 · Atlanta, Georgia · Training Workshop

In this 2-day intense workshop learn how vendors and their ratings play an important part in materials and storeroom management and how to monitor their performance. Learn how establishing functional KPIs is critical and configuration and control of your storeroom is imperative. Plus a great deal more.


Free Webinar – “Metrics for Lubrication Program Success”

August 26 · iPresentation Webinar

‘Metrics for Lubrication Program Success' Webinar

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling - Atlanta, GA

August 27 - August 28 · Jacksonville, Florida · Training Workshop

Our objective in this comprehensive training is to prepare your maintenance personnel in the diverse skills required to become successful Maintenance Planner/Schedulers and to be successful in their Planning and Scheduling functions.

Preventive Maintenance Essential Care and Condition Monitoring- $995.00

August 28 - August 29 · Raleigh, North Carolina · Training Workshop

It all starts with implementing a preventive maintenance program that enables your plant to identify and minimize equipment failures.  IDCON’s Preventive Maintenance/Essential Care Condition Monitoring seminar teaches participants how to set up a cost-effective process and gives practical exercises and techniques.

1-Day Lubrication Best Practices Workshop by Des-Case - Pearl, Mississippi

September 4 · Pearl, Mississippi · Training Workshop

Des-Case offers a 1-day educational course to help you assess and begin to implement lubrication best practices in your facilities.

Predictive Maintenance Training

September 9 - September 11 · Charleston, South Carolina · Training Workshop

Ineffective maintenance management costs U.S. industry an estimated $60 billion yearly! Even more disturbing is the impact that ineffective maintenance has on a company’s ability to produce cost-effective, quality products.

Practical Root Cause Problem Elimination: $2600.00

September 15 - September 19 · Raleigh, North Carolina · Training Workshop

IDCON’s Root Cause Problem Elimination Seminar focuses on eradicating problems.

You’ll learn how to tie cause and effect together and apply logical thought processes to arrive at the problem’s core. You’ll learn how to use the “How-Can Diagram” to bring root cause analysis into your day-to-day reliability management process-and do it cost effectively!

Reliablity Excellence for Managers Training

September 16 - March 19 · Charleston, South Carolina · Training Workshop

Reliability Excellence for Managers (RxM) teaches the true meaning of reliability, as well as the tools and processes required to develop, implement and sustain world-class reliability-based performance and a culture of continuous improvement.

The class is delivered in four 3-day sessions with a six to eight week interval between sessions. After each session, you are encouraged to apply what you have learned to reinforce learning and raise retention. When you return for the following session, you will share your experiences, thereby gaining a deep understanding and ability to sustain your new learning.

Over the four-part course, you will build a business case for Reliability Excellence. You will learn how leadership and culture impact a change initiative, and how to become a change agent to help keep your company agile and competitive. You will become aware of the business processes associated with world-class performance. Finally, you will build a plan to strengthen and stabilize the change for reliability.

Join the RxM alumni who know how to apply the tools and processes of the same exclusive Life Cycle Engineering Reliability Excellence program that has been successfully implemented by leading companies around the world.


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