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1-Day Lubrication Best Practices Workshop by Des-Case - Santa Ana, California

October 28 · Santa Ana, California · Training Workshop

Des-Case offers a 1-day educational course to help you assess and begin to implement lubrication best practices in your facilities.

Maintenance and Reliability for Managers 4 Part Series - Atlanta, GA Oct 2014

October 28 - October 30 · Atlanta, Georgia · Training Workshop

This 4-part curriculum is a fully integrated series designed to educate and provide hands-on interaction for the implementation of proactive maintenance and reliability behaviors in your manufacturing/facilities work environment. The interrelated parts of the curriculum are accomplished in 4 separate 3-day workshops with approximately 2-3 months between each workshop allowing the participants the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained from each preceding workshop.

Planning for Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages

October 28 - October 30 · Charleston, South Carolina · Training Workshop

After attending this 3-day course, you will save time and money on your next shutdown. Our promise for this program is that you will have a new and deeper understanding of how to effectively manage large maintenance jobs such as power plant outages and refinery refits. This course is 85% concerned with the time before the shutdown begins. The remaining 15% is the execution tactics to keep the project on course.

Practical Root Cause Problem Elimination: $2600.00

November 3 - November 7 · Pensacola, Florida · Training Workshop

IDCON’s Root Cause Problem Elimination Seminar focuses on eradicating problems.

You’ll learn how to tie cause and effect together and apply logical thought processes to arrive at the problem’s core. You’ll learn how to use the “How-Can Diagram” to bring root cause analysis into your day-to-day reliability management process-and do it cost effectively!

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training

November 3 - November 7 · Charleston, South Carolina · Training Workshop

Planning and scheduling is one of the fastest and most effective investments an organization can make to improve productivity and availability.

Risk-Based Asset Management Training

November 4 - November 6 · Charleston, South Carolina · Training Workshop

Risk-Based Asset Management steps you through the fundamental building blocks to create a strategy for implementing a successful asset management program from cradle to grave. During the class, receive hands-on instruction while preparing control strategies that ultimately help you reduce risk and achieve the greatest asset utilization at the lowest total cost of ownership.

1-Day Lubrication Best Practices Workshop by Des-Case - Memphis, Tennessee

November 5 · Memphis, Tennessee · Training Workshop

Des-Case offers a 1-day educational course to help you assess and begin to implement lubrication best practices in your facilities.

II Central American Lubrication Congress

November 10 - November 11 · iPresentation Webinar

The Second STLE congress in Central América brings the professional Maintenance Market an Introduction to Reliability Practices.

CLS – Certified Lubrication Specialist Training & Certification

November 11 - November 13 · Wichita, Kansas · Training Workshop

CLS - Certified Lubrication Specialist

Common job titles for individuals who would become Certified Lubrication Specialists include: equipment operators, lubrication technicians & engineers, maintenance managers & supervisors, reliability engineers, operations managers, predictive maintenance technicians, manufacturing and industrial engineers, oil analysis personnel, lubricant consultants, etc. Typically, these individuals are directly involved in machinery lubrication or oil analysis, or play a role in recommending, selecting or using lubricants.

Maintenance Management Principles - Jacksonville, FL

November 17 - November 18 · Jacksonville, Florida · Training Workshop

In your organization, is Maintenance considered "a necessary evil"? Are you tired of fighting the cycle
of reactivity where every day is bombarded with unplanned emergencies that create downtime and
other losses? Are you new to the Maintenance role and are trying to put together a strategy for improvement?

Attend this course to learn the needed components necessary for a proactive Reliability-Centered culture.
Components like roles and responsibilities, real Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, Materials
Management, Maintenance Supervision (not from behind a desk), and much more.


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