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Reliability Excellence for Managers Training - Session 4

March 17 - March 19 · Charleston, South Carolina · Training Workshop
Operational Excellence

Reliability Excellence for Managers (RxM) teaches the true meaning of reliability, as well as the tools and processes required to develop, implement and sustain world-class reliability-based performance and a culture of continuous improvement.

The class is delivered in four 3-day sessions with a six to eight week interval between sessions. After each session, you are encouraged to apply what you have learned to reinforce learning and raise retention. When you return for the following session, you will share your experiences, thereby gaining a deep understanding and ability to sustain your new learning.

Over the four-part course, you will build a business case for Reliability Excellence. You will learn how leadership and culture impact a change initiative, and how to become a change agent to help keep your company agile and competitive. You will become aware of the business processes associated with world-class performance. Finally, you will build a plan to strengthen and stabilize the change for reliability.

Join the RxM alumni who know how to apply the tools and processes of the same exclusive Life Cycle Engineering Reliability Excellence program that has been successfully implemented by leading companies around the world.


In This Training, Learn How To

Session 4 - Sustaining Reliability and Continuous Improvement (March 17-19, 2015)


  • Develop Rx key performance indicators (KPI) to drive and manage performance
  • Discuss how a company dashboard and balanced scorecard report Rx progress to leadership 
  • Use a role and responsibility matrix to increase employee engagement
  • Discuss 4 components of audits and assessments that support continuous improvement 
  • Discuss how equipment history and asset process design sustain reliability 
  • Use tools to support work management, improve the work environment and productivity
  • Draft a master plan to a successful Rx transformation
  • Complete a business case for Rx


Who Should Attend Training

Reliability Excellence for Managers is ideal for corporate and plant managers, as well as those engaged in continuous improvement initiatives such as Lean, TPM and Six Sigma. Suggestions include Chief Operating Officer, V.P. Operations, General Managers, Plant Managers, Corporate Reliability Managers, Maintenance Managers and Operations Managers.


8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Event location

4360 Corporate Road
Charleston, South Carolina 29405
Phone: 800-556-9589
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Event sponsor

Life Cycle Institute

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