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Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance Management - Baton Rouge, LA

March 14 · , Louisiana · Conference
Preventive Maintenance

This one day seminar will reveal how your organization can build and sustain successful reliability and maintenance improvements.

This seminar is designed for operations and maintenance personnel including:
• Operations and Maintenance Managers
• Supervisors in operations and maintenance
• Superintendents in operations and maintenance
• Team leaders
• Engineers
• Senior operators
• Planners/Schedulers
• Operations and Maintenance Coordinators
We suggest coming together as a team to get the best results. Group Discounts are available

Topics Covered:
• Common improvement opportunities and obstacles
• How to measure and value reliability
• How time is used in poor, good and great maintenance
• Why many reliability improvement initiatives do not deliver projected results
• Best practice maintenance system, processes and elements
• The difference between system and tools
• Creating a culture of reliability
• Building the organizational partnership between Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, and Stores
• Key Performance Indicators
▫ Useful and useless
▫ Driving and results
• Discover the gap between where you are and where you can be
• Developing a strategy, vision, mission and action plan to reach your measurable vision
• Optimization of maintenance- how to do it and is there an
• Selling reliability and maintenance in financial terms to top management

Why Should You and Your Team Attend?
▪ Build the vital Operations-Maintenance-Engineering partnership
▪ Learn the details in work identification, work
prioritization, backlog, planning, scheduling,
execution and recording
▪ Understand operation's role in equipment reliability
▪ Estimate financial return from your investment in better Reliability and Maintenance practices
▪ Understand the relationship between materials
management, maintenance and improved reliability
▪ Get real-world advice from a leader in Reliability and Maintenance Management
▪ Increase team awareness for manufacturing reliability
▪ Learn how to select the most cost effective
maintenance method
▪ See examples of what good look like

March 14, 2013 Baton Rouge, LA
October 22, 2013 Seattle, WA

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