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What is the Objective of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling?

May 22, 2015
(Planning and Scheduling)

That question seems simple enough, however the answer may be one of the fundamental causes for P&S efforts that fail to deliver their potential.  Normally, the answer to this question comes from the maintenance perspective and therein lies the problem.  P&S is a system more than a process and because it is a system that extends beyond the maintenance process, the objectives cannot merely come from a maintenance perspective.

From the Maintenance perspective, the objectives are:

1.    To leverage your labor resources (get more work accomplished with fewer people).
2.    To establish an approach that over the long term will reduce reactive maintenance.
3.    To minimize the chaos and efficiency losses resulting from disconnects with the productions schedule, priority changes, emergency work, and unanticipated part outages.

The bottom line for Maintenance is that an effective Planning and Scheduling system will enable your maintenance personnel to accomplish more work.

How effective is your Maintenance Planning and Scheduling?

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