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Maintenance Reliability Mission Statements

October 27, 2010
(Human Capital Management)

An effective mission statement can go a long way toward generating buy in for your efforts if it is short, direct and to the point.

Try to write your mission statement in under 8 words (Management can easily understand 8 words):

Use this format: Verb, Target, Outcome

Example: Create reliable production lines for increased output

Increase line availability through improved reliability

Reduce maintenance cost through proactive practices

Sit down and write your new 8 word or less mission statement today and if you are willing - please share it using the comments box below so others can find ideas they can use.

Tip provided by:
Terrence O’Hanlon, CMRP
Uptime Magazine

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Comments (2)

  • Results Driven Maintenance Program
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction
    • First-Rate Stewards of Government Equipment
    • Good Neighbors to the Environment
    • And Brothers to Coworkers for Safety

    1) Posted 6:27 am, 28 October 2010 by Chuck Gray

  • in other words if you implement a good Maintenance practice with a results of a high level of production.

    2) Posted 9:32 pm, 11 February 2011 by Antonio N. Felipe

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