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Defect Elimination - Removing the alligators

August 28, 2015
(Defect Elimination)

It’s difficult to remember the goal is to drain the swamp when you’re up to your armpits in alligators.  Maintenance is like that - sometimes you have to remove the cause of repeat failures before you try doing things right. Many times we get caught up in trying to set up systems that will eventually add to our performance and don’t address the immediate needs. If we remove the cause of repeat failures we will get breathing space that will allow us to progress in the way we want while ensuring we are going to be around to enjoy that progress. That will allow you to choose the appropriate tactics for your organization, through education and training.

To create and sustain culture transformation, educate your people. 


Tip Provided by:Cliff Williams, CRL Maintenance and Reliability Advisor


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