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Solutions 2.0 Keynote: Reliability Excellence is Not Our Mission - Part 1

An hour long presentation by Robert Buker, Jr., President, U.S. Sugar Corporation, at Solutions 2.0, 2010

U.S. Sugar's mission has always been to out-perform its competitors. In 2002, U.S. Sugar was a 70-year-old company with a 70-year-old culture. The enactment of the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA), which removed all tariffs on Mexican sugar, gave U.S. Sugar two options--change or die.

By 2007, US Sugar had completed a dramatic three-year, $500 million transformation of its 75-year old sugar processing operations as part of its company-wide continuous process improvement. The Company now operated the world's largest fully integrated cane sugar raw milling and refining factory, one of world's most efficient citrus processing facilities, and the nation's largest private agricultural/industrial railroads--supported by 187,000 acres of its own sugarcane land and citrus groves. U.S. Sugar's new business model is based around highly automated processes, maximum utilization of machine and human assets, reliable equipment and low cost of production.

At the heart of this cultural transformation was Reliability Excellence.

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Part Two

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  • It can't possibly get any better than having a CEO of a well known huge company get up and sell the Reliability Concept. I have been trying to do this for almost ten years and I wish I had a copy of this video with me every time.We need to see companies eliminate bonuses paid for quarterly spending cuts when those cuts impact the maintenance budget or else everything in the video is un-attainable.

    1) Posted 10:43 am, 21 January 2011 by Mark O'Brien

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