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Troubleshooting With an Ammeter

Quantitative current data allows localization of ground. To perform these tests obtain a test signal from a power source and insert an ammeter between source and probe. Provide a return lead to...

Steps to Performing RCM Analysis

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) delivers a set of reliability-based, proactive tasks, focused on sustaining the desired functionality of systems and equipment. Having an RCM approach directly...

​The Rights for Precision Shaft Alignment

  • Right safety procedures before you align.
  • Right machines to align.
  • Right alignment procedure.
  • Right alignment tool.
  • Right alignment tolerances.
  • Right alignment targets.
  • Right soft analysis and correction.
  • ...

Defect Elimination

While predictive and preventive maintenance activities are useful in preventing failures, they do not permanently eliminate the defects inherent in an asset that allow the deterioration leading...

High Resistance Joints

A high resistance or resistance unbalance in the circuit may be an indication of a high resistance connection. Figure 8-3 illustrates for just one type, a bolted connection, some of the possible...