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Root Cause Failure Analysis Web Workshops

Reliability Roadmap Web WorkshopsRoot Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) has an important place in a complete maintenance program. Root Cause Failure Analysis provides the ability to identify and eliminate preventable root causes of failures.

It can be used in a wide variety of situations and like Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) there are a wide variety of technique variations.

Sustainability Through Ultrasonic Energy Conservation

by Allan Rienstra

In 2008, there arose a broad selection of solution providers specializing in helping the community of maintenance and reliability professionals to 'Go Green'. It is unlikely that the original mandate of most of these companies was to "help save the environment", but it does show how nimble entrepreneurialism adjusts to accommodate the demands of corporate social responsibility.


Energy Savings Through Task-Specific Lubrication Reliability

Streamlining Lubrication by Eric Rasmusson

With most plants today facing increased pressure of competition - and some even fighting for survival- the advantages of a task specific lubrication reliability system are too great to be ignored any longer. Along with several other reasons, energy savings is one major benefit of unlocking untapped potential in a large number of facilities through better lubrication practices.


Vibration Analysis of Wind Turbines

by Jason Tranter

Wind turbines are dotted across the countryside, seaside, and even offshore. Many believe they are the answer to global warming and stopping the reduction of fossil fuel reserves. Whether you enjoy seeing them on the horizon, majestically spinning in the breeze, or believe they disturb the previously unspoiled landscape, for all of us in the reliability and condition monitoring fields, they pose a new challenge - we have to keep them turning!