10 Minutes a Week to Great Meetings

10 Minutes a Week to Great Meetings

2nd Edition


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About this title

Meetings are the best of times, and meetings are the worst of times.

Why are meetings so important? For one, they are the lifeblood of institutional action. Without meetings and the communication and agreement they can engender, no (big) action can take place. With few exceptions, most people who run meetings have had no training, no study and no coaching to run meetings. Few people think about how that 20-minute discussion about fishing--however important that topic is--just cost your team four hours because 12 people in attendance all had their time wasted!

This book is specifically designed in three parts. The first part is 10 weekly or monthly lessons to run great meetings. These simple lessons can be covered in about 10 minutes each. Your team can dwell on each lesson for the whole week or month. Master it and move to the next lesson. The second part of the book is a detailed review of every area of meetings from agendas to assessments. Each chapter covers a topic area in depth. The final section is over 100 ideas to improve your meetings that are usable today!

10 Minutes a Week to Great Meetings will provide you with a great return on your time in the next, and every subsequent, meeting.


10 Lessons

Chapter 1 - Some Background About Meetings

Chapter 2 - Types of Meetings

Chapter 3 - Meeting Culture and Ground Rules

Chapter 4 - Agenda and Subject Matter

Chapter 5 - Notes and Minutes

Chapter 6 - Roles People Play in Meetings

Chapter 7 - The Use of Checklists

Chapter 8 - Facilitation: Running a Productive Meeting

Chapter 9 - Facilitating the Problem-Solving Meeting

Chapter 10 - Advanced Facilitation

Chapter 11 - Destructive Meeting Symptoms

Chapter 12 - Mentoring: Passing on the Best You Have

Chapter 13 - Where to Go From Here

Chapter 14 - Help Is on the Way

Chapter 15 - Using Microsoft Outlook® to Help Manage Meetings

Chapter 16 - Using Meeting Defender Software to Improve Meetings