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 10 Rights of Asset Management

10 Rights of Asset Management


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About this title

This book is NOT for you if your assets or plant…

  • Are experiencing no failures
  • Have no safety incidents
  • Are performing at designed or more capacity
  • Have operators and maintainers who are taking care of assets as if they own them
  • Have all stakeholders involved and aiming to improve asset performance to realize more value
  • Have no value leakage from Capex to Opex
  • Collect quality data that is analyzed and used to make improvements on a regular basis
  • Have a staff that knows continuous improvement is a way of life...not a program of the month
  • Have customers that are not just happy, but DELIGHTED

If you are not getting these results, the authors strongly believe that by implementing the “10 Rights” presented in this book, you will improve the performance of your organization. You also will be able to realize more value from your assets and move toward creating a culture of excellence.

Acerca del Autor - Ramesh Gulati and Terrence O’Hanlon

Ramesh Gulati headshot

Ramesh Gulati, PE, CMRP, CMRT, CRL, CRE, CAMA

Ramesh Gulati is an Asset Management & Reliability Specialist at Jacobs, Asset Management Group, Tullahoma, TN.

He has over 50 years of diversified experience in people, product, process development and improvement as it relates to consumer goods, process/service and the heavy metal industry. Mr. Gulati has a broad background in operations analysis and process improvements, including kaizen, reengineering, performance measurement/metrics, plant reliability and maintenance process improvement tools/techniques (e.g., CMMS, CBM/PdM, TPM, RCM), implementation of ISO-certified asset management systems, energy management and people development.

An effective leader and change agent with strong analytical, organizational and business management skills, Mr. Gulati has a strong commitment to quality and continuous improvement. He has the ability to motivate and develop a skilled workforce.

He is a world-renowned leader in the maintenance, reliability and asset management field and the author of more than four books, including the award-winning Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices. He is also known as a “Reliability Sherpa” in the reliability/asset management arena.

Mr. Gulati has worked at Aerospace Testing Alliance, Jacobs Sverdrup Technology Inc.; Arnold Engineering Development Complex, AFB, TN; Carrier, A/C; True Temper Corp.; Bethlehem Steel; and Heavy Engineering Corp., Foundry Forge plant.

He holds BSME, MSIE and EMBA degrees.

Terrence headshot

Terrence O’Hanlon, CMRP

Terrence O’Hanlon, CMRP, is the Publisher of®, RELIABILITY® Magazine and Uptime® Magazine. He is certified in Asset Management by the Institute of Asset Management and is a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional by SMRP.

Mr. O’Hanlon is the acting Executive Director of the Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMP). He is the Executive Editor and Publisher of the 5th Edition of The (New) Asset Management Handbook.

Mr. O’Hanlon is a voting member of the U.S. TAG (PC251) for ISO 55000 - ASTM E53 Asset Management Standards Committee. More re-cently, he was selected as the sole U.S. representation through ANSI for the ISO Working Group 39 to create a standard for competence in assessing and certifying asset management systems known as ISO 17021-5.

Mr. O’Hanlon is also a member of the Institute of Asset Management, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Association for Facilities En-gineering, Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals and Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers.


Table of Contents

  1. Specify It Right
  2. Design It Right
  3. Source It Right
  4. Build/Fabricate It Right
  5. Install/Commission It Right
  6. Operate It Right
  7. Maintain It Right
  8. Improve/Modify It Right
  9. Dispose/Decommission It Right
  10. Manage It Right


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