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 Basic Infrared Thermography Principles

Basic Infrared Thermography Principles


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ISBN: 9780983225812



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About this title

At last, a book written by and for Infrared Thermographers.

Although this book does cover most popular applications for Infrared Thermography, it provides deeper learning by explaining the physics and theory of this technology. Readers will be empowered to discover anomalies that could shut down your organization or worse, cause a serious accident or injury.

Read this book to begin your journey to becoming a professional infrared thermographer or to refresh your knowledge if you already have some experience with infrared thermography.

Acerca del Autor - Robert Wayne Ruddock

Mr. Ruddock has been involved in Infrared Thermography and Infrared ThermographicTraining since 1979. He is a seasoned veteran of hands on infrared inspections giving him the ability to teach real life thermography. He has been conducting Level 1 and Level 2 training courses throughout the world since 1980. He was the Level 3 thermographer and North American Director of training for an established infrared company from 1990 – 1999, at which time he became the director of Advanced Infrared Resources. 

Mr. Ruddock has written training curriculums for various infrared equipment manufacturers. He now presents unbiased, camera independent, Level 1 and Level 2 training courses throughout the world as well as specifically tailored in-house training programs. The material in these courses adheres to the guidelines set out in ASNT-TC-1A as well as ISO 18436-7. Mr. Ruddock also presents a Level 3 program implementation and management course following Advanced Infrared Resources written procedures and guidelines. He combines audio, visual, and kinetic presentations to make learning easy for individuals from all backgrounds. Mr. Ruddock is also the chairman of the Mexican Institute of Infrared Thermography. Mr. Ruddock has also been involved in many research and development projects using his advanced knowledge of this discipline. He has also written and presented many thermographic papers at conferences and symposiums over the last 30 years.


Table of Figures

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Physics
Chapter 3: Infrared Thermography, Thermal Analysis, and Temperature
Chapter 4: Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Chapter 5: Electromagnetic Radiation Basics
Chapter 6: Infrared Radiation Physics
Chapter 7: Real-World Infrared Radiation
Chapter 8: The Infrared Image
Chapter 9: Infrared Lenses
Chapter 10: Infrared Windows
Chapter 11: Applications


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