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 Best Practices in Maintenance Management (DVD)

Best Practices in Maintenance Management (DVD)

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Benchmarking is a popular Buzzword in business circles today. However, can Benchmarking be an effective tool for improving the maintenance function within a company? This workshop explores this question along with: Is maintenance a core business function? How should a benchmarking project be conducted? What are some traps to benchmarking? What are the various types of Benchmarking? What type of Benchmarking will work the best for maintenance? This Workshop will clearly define the Benchmarking process and highlight the traps to avoid when performing Benchmarking activities. In addition, the workshop explores the differences between Benchmarking and Performance Indicators. After examining the various processes within the maintenance and asset management functions, common Benchmarks will be discussed, highlighting the strengths and weakness of each. The workshop concludes with a methodology for linking maintenance and asset management benchmarks with corporate financial indicators and also a series of current benchmarks that are being applied to maintenance management.


Maintenance Leadership 101

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