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 Business Fables & Foibles

Business Fables & Foibles

Lessons for Improved Performance and Culture


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196 6x9

ISBN: 9781941872734



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About this title

Reliabilityweb.com® and the MRO Zone are pleased to announce its offering of Ron Moore’s book Business Fables & Foibles: Lessons for Improved Performance and Culture. The book contains a series of whimsical, satirical short stories, each one based on his experience, that highlights many of the foibles in businesses across the world, particularly in manufacturing companies. It is totally different from any of his previous books, in style and content, and is both serious and amusing. These short, fictitious stories illustrate various principles and key lessons for businesses, while also serving as a good airplane or beach read.

For example, in one story, Otto Kratic, VP of Manufacturing, demonstrates how being singularly focused on one issue can lead to a silo mentality—to the overall detriment of the business. In another story, Penny Pincher, VP of Procurement, illustrates how saving money in procurement practices doesn’t necessarily save money for the company and can actually cost the company far more.

The stories included in this book feature characters whose names illustrate their behavior, providing an amusing way of demonstrating the many lessons that can be learned, but hopefully without suffering through similar situations in your organization.

Acerca del Autor - Ron Moore

Ron Moore lives with his wife, Kathy, in Knoxville, TN, where they are employees of The RM Group, Inc., a manufacturing management consult-ing firm.

They were high school, then college sweethearts, but parted ways. To make a long story short, they came together again some twenty years later and now, between them, they have six children, fifteen grandchildren (sad-ly, one deceased) and two great grandchildren.

Ron has both a BS and MS degree in mechanical engineering, along with an MBA, while Kathy has a BA degree in art. Their very different perspectives, combined with their very similar values, provide balance in their relationship and, ultimately, make for a very kind and loving life together. 



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