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 Centered On Excellence

Centered On Excellence

A Model for Strategic Asset Management Planning


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275 6 x 9 in.

ISBN: 9780985361921



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About this title

Centered On Excellence is the practitioners guide to continuous improvement. This book will sequentially walk you through the most commonly used practices associated with Total Productive Maintenance, Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. Over the course of this book you will learn how to quantify opportunities using techniques such as value stream mapping and SWOT analysis, form strategic objectives aimed at both global and local organizational improvement, and establish focused centers of excellence designed to drive change in the areas of inventory, reliability, operations and business management. Integrated within the Centered On Excellence framework are project management and change management techniques to provide a practical and effective approach to organizational change.

Centered On Excellence is not another theoretical reference manual. This book was written for professionals who are serious about making changes in their organization that will drive out inefficiencies and improve financial viability. The teachings found in this resource have been successfully and repeatedly implemented by the author for more than 10 years. His experience is reflected in the level of step-by-step detail throughout the book. If there was ever a time to start change it is now, and Centered On Excellence will show you how.



Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Learning from the Toyota Production System (TPS)
  • Founding Philosophies of the Lean Enterprise System
  • Eliminating Waste from Your Business
    • Value Stream Mapping
  • The Excellence Model

Chapter 2: Centers of Excellence

  • Business Center of Excellence
    • Understanding Key Management Concepts of the World-Class Global Organization
    • Business Principles
    • Financial Strategy
    • Organizational Structure
      • Managing Productivity within Self-Directed Teams
    • Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Operations Center of Excellence
    • Defining Asset Utilization and Overall Equipment Effectiveness
      • Overall Equipment Effectiveness: A Way of Life
    • Operator Care
    • Capacity Planning
      • Theory of Constraints
      • The Five Steps to Constraint Management
      • TOC Plant Types
      • The Manufacturing Pull System (kanban)
    • Work Standardization
    • Customer Care
    • Loss Prevention
      • Seven Wastes
  • Reliability Center of Excellence
    • The Maturity of Maintenance
    • The Importance of the Work Control Process
    • The Maintenance Work Control Process
      • Implementing the Work Control Process
    • Preventive Maintenance
      • Mitigating the Risk of Failures
      • Building an Effective Preventive Maintenance Program
    • Risk Management
      • Asset Criticality Analysis
    • Lifecycle Management
  • Materials Center of Excellence
    • Understanding the Materials Transaction and Control Process
    • Inventory Management
      • Inventory Management Key Performance Indicators
    • Housekeeping and 5S

Chapter 3: Corporate Model for Business Excellence

  • The Competitive Edge
  • Corporate Business Model
    • Assessing the Need for Improvement
    • Business Transformation Planning
    • Defining Business Objectives
      • Recognizing the Turning Point for a Changed Result
    • Defining the Improvement Strategy
  • Deploying the Improvement Plan
  • Measuring Performance Against Benchmarks

Chapter 4: Deploying Centered On Excellence

  • Strategic Phase
  • Communication Phase
    • Developing the Communication Plan
  • Analysis and Design Phase
    • Business Process Reengineering
    • Current “As Is” Process Mapping
    • Transforming Ideas Into Reality
    • Managing Critical Success Factors
  • Pre-Implementation Planning Phase
  • Results Delivery Phase
    • Selecting the Initial Implementation Area

Chapter 5: Leading Organizational Change

  • Assessing Organizational Readiness for Excellence
  • Project Management
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Team
    • The Project Manager
    • Sponsorship Structure
  • Selecting and Building Effective Improvement Teams
  • Focused Improvement Team Lifecycle

Chapter 6: Auditing the Implementation

  • Coaching for Compliance
  • Sustainability Audits
  • Daily Management Reporting

Chapter 7: The Power of Culture Change

  • The Beginning
  • The Excuse Was “Pride”
  • The Opportunity
  • Manufacturing Excellence Was the Strategy
  • Implementing Change
  • The Tipping Point
  • A New Beginning
  • Closing Argument

Closing the Book and Starting Your Journey
About the Author


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