CMMS Explained Made Simple 2nd Edition

CMMS Explained Made Simple 2nd Edition

2nd Edition


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A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is designed to automate standardized processes, collect historical data, and quickly sort and analyze that data. This proactive tool, when properly implemented and utilized, provides accurate and timely maintenance and operational management decision information. Unfortunately many are disappointed with the consistency and integrity of the data contained within their system. While many of these disappointments were established during the initial implementation all is not lost.

CMMS Explained Made Simple explains what the necessary data elements are, how they are best utilized, and what foundational elements must be established to ensure on-going system success. Those considering an initial system implementation or system re-implementation are encouraged to review the contents of this book to ensure success. For those that are unsure if their system is providing the necessary foundational elements the self-assessment/evaluation section provides guidance to identify and correct system deficiencies.



Chapter 1 - Why a 2nd Edition?

Chapter 2 - What's All the Hype About?

Chapter 3 - Lessons from Around the Campfire at Consultants Camp

Chapter 4 - Implementation Made Simple

Chapter 5 - Understanding System Functionality

Chapter 6 - Common Terminology Used in Systems

Chapter 7 - Assessing Your System

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