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 Criticality Analysis Made Simple

Criticality Analysis Made Simple


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88 6 x 9 in.

ISBN: 9781941872260



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About this title

Two big challenges face asset management and reliability engineering programs today:knowing where to start and setting priorities. A meaningful criticality analysis is key to solving this challenge of clarity on what is to be achieved, establishing priorities, and aligning and targeting resources. It is also the starting point for making sure stakeholders are working together towards achieving better outcomes.

While a criticality analysis is one of the most important elements in an asset management program, it is perhaps the most overlooked and misunderstood. Criticality Analysis Made Simple explains criticality and shows how to conduct an efficient and effective criticality analysis, laying the foundation for delivering maximum value from your assets.

The book starts by explaining criticality and addressing some common misperceptions, and then shows how a criticality analysis supports the overall aim of an asset management program. Practical instruction on how to conduct a criticality analysis is followed by a discussion of how to maximize and apply the benefits of the analysis, tying criticality in to the bottomline. Helpful case studies and a discussion of how a criticality analysis supports the aims of ISO55000 are also included.

This book makes criticality analysis simple to understand and easier to apply. The concepts and approach outlined have been proven to be highly effective and very efficient in multiple organizations. Criticality Analysis Made Simple will be valuable for teams tasked with uncovering risk and criticality in their organizations and for business leaders looking for greater success from their asset management programs.

Acerca del Autor - Tacoma Zach

Tacoma Zach, P.Eng (Ontario and Alberta) is a Certified Reliability Leader ™ and CEO of Uberlytics, experts in criticality analysis. With over two decades in operations under his belt, he now helps organizations discover what’s most critical to their mission and use that information to optimize their asset management.

In 2014 Tacoma was voted Best Speaker at Solutions 2.0 for his presentation Criticality is 42, and presented at AZ WEF, WEFTEC and IMC 2014. He is the author of Criticality Analysis Made Simple, published by Reliabilityweb.com.


1: What Is Criticality?

2: Why Is a Criticality Analysis Important?
3: Where Does a Criticality Analysis Fit in Your Asset Management Program?
4: Key Elements of an Effective Criticality Analysis
5: Preparing for a Criticality Analysis
6: Conducting an Analysis
7: Applying the Results
8: Criticality Going Forward
9: Realizing the Benefits
Appendix 1: Criticality Analysis and ISO Standards
Appendix 2: Case Studies


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