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 A Practical Guide to Organizational Engineering

A Practical Guide to Organizational Engineering

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8.7 x 5.8 in.

About this title

The world of maintenance has made substantial advances in the past 50-70 years. From a repair when-needed approach, maintenance has evolved with the introduction of planning and scheduling, software tools, preventive and predictive maintenance concepts, practices and technologies and reliability and asset management philosophies. Yet, throughout all of these evolutions the one truism cannot be ignored: organizations are made up of people. The efficient and effective use of our human resources is essential to achieving maximum, sustainable benefits from our improvement programs and organizational strategies.

This book describes how to define a best in class organization and how to develop the necessary skills within your team. Discover how to develop meaningful meetings and KPIs, in support of the business process, and how to use these to engineer an efficient and effective organization that is sustainable and evolves with your needs and level of maturity.

Effective Organizational Engineering for Reliable Operations is based on years of practical experience in applying these tools and methods to achieve sustainable results quickly with the minimum of effort.



Asset Management Business Process

  • Why Define a Business Process?
  • Current Asset Management Business Processes
  • World-Class Asset Management Business Process Elements
  • Steps in Defining and Mapping the Business Process Elements
  • Quality Measures
  • A Better Approach to RACI
  • Macro and Micro Deployment Strategies

Effective Staffing and Training

  • The Role of Human Resources
  • Defining Skills and Abilities at the Task Level
  • Task-Specific Training and Coaching
  • Developing a Training Program
  • Improving the Training Program
  • Effective Staffing

Efficient Meetings

  • Why do Meetings Fail?
  • Structuring Your Meetings
  • The Four Types of Meetings
  • Meeting Maps
  • Auditing Meetings to Ensure Effectiveness and Efficiency

Effective Key Performance Indicators

  • KPIs as Value Focusing Tools
  • Normalizing Our Definitions
  • KPI Categories
  • Assuring Results
  • Applying KPIs to Performance Management Plans
  • Rules for Defining KPIs
  • KPI Parameter Definition Template
  • KPI Hierarchy
  • Physical Asset Management KPI Examples
  • Deployment
  • Deployment versus Implementation
  • Communication Plan
  • Transition Plan/Maturity Plan
  • Control Plan


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