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 ISO55000 Asset Management – A Biography

ISO55000 Asset Management – A Biography


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ISBN: 9781941872512



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About this title

The publication of the ISO55000:2014 Asset Management suite of standards in January 2014 marked a major milestone in the history of the discipline of asset management. The suite of standards represents a convergence of views and perspectives into a single global interpretation of asset management and the associated requirements for a management system for asset management. But perhaps more importantly, it reflects collaboration across thirty-one countries, the joining of minds from a wide variety of industries, as well as the sharing of experiences and practices for the betterment of the discipline.

This book has been produced to accompany the ISO55000 suite of standards. It specifically provides some background history to its development to provide context to the set of requirements. It also provides the authors' personal interpretation of their intent. Standards are inherently written in a very dry style and this book—in providing history, context, and interpretation—seeks to bring the thinking to life.


ISO55000 Asset Management, A Biography provides an excellent guide for mapping PAS55 into ISO55000, along with a good summary of ISO55000, its history and purpose.
- Ron Moore

Acerca del Autor - Rhys Davies and Danielle Humphrey

Rhys Davies is the President of eAsset Management. Rhys was Chairman of the ISO/PC251, the project committee responsible for the development of ISO55000; ISO55001 and ISO55002. He is now Chairman of the ISO/TC251 for Asset Management, the technical committee tasked with continuing the development of international standards for asset management.

Danielle Humphrey is a founding member and past chairperson of the Institute of Asset Management’s (IAM) Next Generation committee, which seeks to develop the next generation of asset managers by creating a community of engaged students, graduates and professionals. She is currently a Consultant at Discursive, specializing in ISO55001 implementation, risk man-agement and training. Danielle holds the APMP project manager qualification and the IAM Certificate.


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