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 Kitting in Maintenance Made Simple

Kitting in Maintenance Made Simple

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6 x 9 in.

About this title

The challenges facing both plants and facilities today are to minimize their downtime, increase their throughput, and reduce their cycle time. It is a fast paced environment, with competition and a focus on quality and the bottom line. When equipment is unable to be run due to a maintenance issue, a single part or multiple parts may be needed for the repair. When there is a parts shortage, it disrupts the workflow and affects the output of both maintenance and production. This may lead to a cataclysmic end to a planned production run.

One way to lessen the consequences of part shortages in maintenance is to implement a kitting process to ensure that parts are available for planned maintenance jobs. Kitting is a method to ensure that work orders are released for work execution with the necessary materials or parts to perform the work. This book discusses in detail the kitting model for maintenance that is the basis for a successful program. The expected benefit from incorporating this program into the daily routine of the business results in reduced overtime costs and time of repair since work orders are executed with all the parts needed to perform the job within the time scheduled. Another benefit is the improved delivery time to the internal customer as well as the external customer.

Kitting in Maintenance is a book that can be used as an ongoing guide to implementation of a successful kitting program as well as used as a reference for programs already in effect.


  • Introduction
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Kitting Model for Maintenance
  • Planning for Kits
  • Kit Scheduling
  • The Handshaking
  • Work Processes Supporting Kitting in Maintenance
  • Storeroom Operations
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchasing and Supplier
  • Summary
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