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 Lubrication Elements

Lubrication Elements


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ISBN: 978-1-941872-86-4



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For rotating or reciprocating assets, lubrication is a fundamental pillar of any reliability driven asset management strategy. Done correctly, it can result in long, reliable machine service. Done poorly, lubrication can equate to hidden losses that can account for as much as ten to thirty percent of a plant’s maintenance budget.

While precision lubrication is not complicated, it does require careful attention to detail beyond simply choosing the right lubricant for each machine. Precision lubrication requires that the lubricant itself be treated as an asset and the health and cleanliness of the lubricant be managed from point of delivery to the time when the oil needs to be changed or the bearing needs to be regreased.

The Machinery Lubrication Elements are comprised of fifty-two individual elements, subdivided into the five domains of knowledge of a holistic lubrication program, including lubricant selection, lubricant application, lubricant storage and handling, contamination control and sampling, and inspections. Taken together, these elements comprise a framework of lubrication asset management consistent with the Uptime® Elements – A Reliability Framework and Asset Management System™.

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