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 Maintenance Strategy Series Volume 1 - Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance Strategy Series Volume 1 - Preventive Maintenance

6 x 9 in

About this title

The first volume in this series begins by detailing the importance of preventive maintenance to an overall maintenance strategy. The text clearly illustrates how the components of any maintenance strategy are interlinked with dependencies and the performance measures necessary to properly manage the preventive maintenance program. A process flow diagram details the steps of developing the preventive maintenance program, and the appendixes contain numerous examples of preventive maintenance inspections for the reader to begin applying to their program immediately.

Shows how to tactically develop a preventive maintenance program, answering questions, such as:

  • What equipment to include?
  • What skill level of the technicians are required?
  • How to actually perform basic PM tasks?
  • and many others.

Does not over-emphasize the value of preventive maintenance to the exclusion of other components of a maintenance strategy.

Acerca del Autor - Terry Wireman

Senior Vice President, Strategy
Vesta Partners

Terry is the senior vice president of strategic development. He leads Vesta’s maintenance and reliability seminars and training, and provides strategic guidance to help the firm shape its market strategy and long-term direction. For over four decades, Terry has been specializing in the improvement of maintenance management and reliability.

He helps customers develop “best-in-class” maintenance and reliability policies and practices. As an international expert in maintenance/asset management, he has assisted hundreds of clients in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim to improve their maintenance and asset effectiveness.

In addition, he has authored twenty four textbooks and scores of white papers and articles related to maintenance management process and technology.

Terry is currently a member of the US Technical Advisory Group working on producing the ISO-55000 standard. Terry is committed to keeping Vesta on the forefront of thought leadership pertaining to maintenance and reliability strategies.


  • Why Preventive Maintenance
  • Developing a PM Program
  • Identifying Equipment to Include in PM
  • How to Develop PM Requirements for Equipment
  • How to Develop PM Task Sheets
  • Determining Skill Requirements for PM Tasks
  • Determining Parts Requirements for PM Tasks
  • Determining Scheduling Requirements for PM Tasks
  • Executing PM Tasks
  • Consistent PM Program Follow-up
  • Performance Management for PM Programs
  • Appendix
  • Glossary
  • Index

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