Motor Electrical Predictive Maintenance & Testing Vol. 3

Motor Electrical Predictive Maintenance & Testing Vol. 3

Technologies for Motor Electrical Predictive Condition Monitoring


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About this title

Describes seven technologies for motor electrical predictive condition monitoring, almost all of which have been developed and applied since about 1990. A chapter is devoted to using up to 15 predictive technologies to help refine condition assessments, since no single technology can detect all failure modes in motors.


Volume 3 in series

  • Chapter 8 - Motor Circuit Analysis
  • Chapter 9 - Motor Current & Power/Electrical Signature Analysis
  • Chapter 10 - Motor Flux, Normalized Temperature & Quality Analysis and "Smart Motors"
  • Chapter 11 - Partial Discharge Analysis
  • Chapter 12 - Predictive Analysis of Motor Data Using Data from Multiple Technologies
  • Appendix C - Powerpoint Slides from Volume 3 Chapters (Handout Format)
  • Appendix D - Bibliography
  • Appendix E - Index