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 Motor Electrical Predictive Maintenance & Testing Vol. 4

Motor Electrical Predictive Maintenance & Testing Vol. 4

Motor Reliability Program Management


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320 6 x 9 in

ISBN: 9780983874133



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About this title

This book is aimed at those who are contemplating starting or already engaged in some aspect of motor management. It provides practical, proven ideas on how to design, support and defend programs, how to make them continually improve and how to justify and obtain resources needed to start and expand the effort and gaining full cooperation of all cognizant and/or relevant parties in aspects of motor management.

Acerca del Autor - Jack Nicholas & Geoffery Generalovic

Jack R. Nicholas, Jr., P.E., CMRP, CRL, MBA, BS(Eng), CAPT USNR(Ret)

Project manager, developer of predictive, condition monitoring technologies and M & R programs, senior civilian engineer for U.S. Navy nuclear submarines and surface warships - 17 years; consultant to and trainer of key personnel in government, oil field services, mining, refining, utilities and manufacturing firms in North America, Australia, Asia, and the Caribbean - over 25 years.

Co-founded 3 companies. Author/Co-author of 10 books, many articles & papers. Keynote Speaker. Workshop Leader.

Graduated from U.S. Naval Academy, The American University, Navy Nuclear Propulsion & Submarine School Programs.

Geoff Generalovic is a senior maintenance electrician with 38 years heavy industry experience, the last 17 as a company- wide Predictive Maintenance practitioner at ArcelorMittleDofasco Inc., in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He started at Dofasco as a general repair electrician in 1973 working in different business units. In 1993 was assigned to a newly formed Process Maintenance Team (PMT) in the company’s Hot Strip Rolling Mill business unit. Eventually, he moved from the PMT to the Predictive Maintenance (PdM) group.

Today Geoff is part of the company’s central PdM team and is using his skills plant- wide in ten (10) different production business units. Geoff is also an experienced trainer, providing infrared courses under FLIR sponsorship in Canada that are open to the public. He is involved with the Hamilton, Ontario Chapter of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP)

He holds a Level III infrared thermography certification, using Agema and FLIR infrared cameras. He has used PdMA’s off-line motor testers for 17 years and combined on-line/off-line (MCEmax) units since its introduction in the late 1990’s. He is certified in its use. He also routinely uses AREVA’s EMPATH on-line motor circuit tester. Geoff has a Level I Ultrasonics certification and has had basic vibration training. As part of his training he has presented professional papers at various maintenance and reliability conferences sponsored by The Snell Group, the Association for Iron and Steel Technology, P/PM Technology Magazine, PdMA Corporation, and Participation as co-author of “Motor Electrical Predictive Maintenance and Testing” text is his first attempt at writing a book. 


Volume 4 in series

  • Chapter 13 - Motor Purchase, Repair, Refurbishment and Data Management
  • Chapter 14 - Motor Energy Cost Conservation
  • Chapter 15 - Variable Speed Drives
  • Chapter 16 - Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) for Motors
  • Chapter 17 - Ways to Improve Existing Motor Management Programs
  • Chapter 18 - Planning and Executing a Motor Management Program
  • Appendix A - Article on a Multi-Motor Refurbishment and Upgrade Project
  • Appendix B - Audit Points for Visits to Motor Repair Shops
  • Appendix C - Powerpoint Slides for Volume 4 Chapters
  • Appendix D - Bibliography
  • Appendix E - Index


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