The Reliability Leadership Connection

The Reliability Leadership Connection


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About this title

This book gives organizational leaders and anyone from the boardroom to the shop floor an understanding of what asset reliability and maintenance is truly all about. It also outlines what steps must be taken to transform an organization to succeed in the 21st century. If acted upon, the topics presented will break the cycle of management job-hopping and help define the role of a leader as one who inspires and facilitates passion and purpose.

Asset reliability and maintenance is not taught in business academia and is only occasionally taught in colleges of engineering. Today’s organizational leaders have rarely been exposed, in a direct and fundamental way, to the reliability principles presented in this book. Furthermore, most of Deming’s fourteen points and Moubray’s reliability principles have not trickled down to plant manufacturing levels. This book sets out to explain those points and principles so that manufacturing leaders will understand and be able to take action on the new paradigm of asset reliability and maintenance.

Our industrial processes are not likely to become less complicated in the future, quite the contrary. An understanding of how Moubray’s RCM and Deming’s management philosophy align lends support to the position that these two processes are worth the effort to learn. When an organization adopts Deming’s theories and an understanding of Moubray’s RCM, that organization sets itself on a path to achieve a level of manufacturing excellence that will exceed the expectations of its shareholders, customers and employees.


Chapter 1: My Introduction to W. Edwards Deming
Chapter 2: Deming’s Fourteen Key Principles for Management and Their Relationship to RCM
Chapter 3: Deming’s Five Diseases of Management and Their Relationship to RCM
Chapter 4: My Introduction to John Moubray
Chapter 5: Reliability Principles
Chapter 6: Motivation for Change (Reliability Principle 1)
Chapter 7: The Right Job at the Right Time (Reliability Principles 2, 4, 5 & 9)
Chapter 8: Safety Inspection and Spares (Reliability Principle 7)
Chapter 9: RCM and Continuous Improvement
Chapter 10: The Maintenance Department versus the Maintenance Function
Chapter 11: A New Definition of Failure (Reliability Principle 6): Failure Isn’t Just an Option, It’s Unavoidable
Chapter 12: What You Want Your Equipment to Do (Reliability Principle 8)
Chapter 13: The Data You Need and Where to Get It (Reliability Principles 4 & 5)
Chapter 14: Combining Deming’s and Moubray’s Teachings to Achieve a Higher Level of Reliability Leadership
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