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 Trap Pro Guide

Trap Pro Guide

Steam Traps: Operation, Testing and Solving Common Installation Problems


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64 6 x 9 in

ISBN: 9781941872345



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About this title

From the author:

Information in this book is based on my thirty years of technical field experience with process control instrumentation and the generation and utilization of steam. This practical and technical knowledge in both areas was acquired from leaders in the food, refining, petrochemical and other industries who have helped me successfully pinpoint and solve chronic, costly process problems for their companies.

My background in the function and application of steam traps has provided the know-how to solve problems, such as those caused by unchecked and misapplied traps. Sometimes, simple changes produce quick paybacks and a safer environment. But, my job is more than handling trap difficulties. It is to educate and help customers make wise energy-saving decisions. The prime goal is not to produce short-term fixes, rather practical solutions that improve processes and reduce maintenance, usage of fuel, chemicals and water.


"... very informative and useful source of information... has helped us identify and correct a number of energy opportunities in the field. I recommend this book for all who are involved with steam systems."

Bernie Shepard, Sr. Director Engineering, Pilgrim's Pride Corp.

"Straightforward, basic info with historical insight. Great job!"

Dale Leckie, Assets Specialist, Water Treatment, Suncor Energy

"Thanks for the books, they are a great guide - nicely done."

Mark Robertson, Reliability Specialist, Land O' Lakes

"Got your books and found them very to the point. No 'fluff' - just straightforward explanations... good to see the insulation savings chart. Curious what the savings are for fiberglass insulation with PVC jacketing. Enjoyed your book and will make it available here to anyone interested."

Tony Meier, Maintenance Lead, Cargil (Horizon Milling)

"Read your book. I must say it was jam-packed with useful information. Very well done."

Brian Navlyt, Maintenance, Purina Animal Nutrition LLC

"Awesome job, well done."

Tim Farmer, Feed Mill Supervisor, Tyson Foods, Inc.

"Bill, the books are a big hit! I may be asking for a few more in the future if they're available."

Dwayne Bagley, Maintenance Team Leader, CSM Bakery Products

Acerca del Autor - Bill Holub

Bill Holub’s thirty years in the generation and utilization of steam includes surveying, sizing, troubleshooting and overseeing high and low pressure steam systems for companies, such as JBS, Pilgrim’s Pride, ConAgra Foods, Tyson Foods, Cargill, Purina, Bunge, Purac, Armour-Eckrich, Land O’Lakes, Butterball, Farmland Foods, ADM, Suncor Energy, Shell Oil, Cytec, TransAlta, International Paper, Seaboard Foods, University of Ottawa and Rush University Medical Center.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Steam Trap Operation
  • Chapter 2 - Types and Operating Principles of Steam Traps
    • Inverted Bucket
    • Float and Thermostatic
    • Thermodynamic
    • Thermostatic
    • Venturi
  • Chapter 3 - Steam Trap Installation
  • Chapter 4 - Steam Trap Inspection
  • Chapter 5 - Steam Trap Testing
    • Recommended Testing Tools
    • Ultrasonic Probe
    • Thermal Imaging
    • Inverted Bucket
    • Float and Thermostatic
    • Thermodynamic
    • Thermostatic
    • Venturi
  • Chapter 6 - Common Areas of Improvement
    • Deaerator Tank
    • Boiler Header/Carryover
    • Control Valve Station
    • Pipe and Tank Insulation
    • Drip Pocket
    • Inverted Bucket Trap – Out of Plumb
    • Inverted Bucket Trap – Backwards
    • Inverted Bucket Trap – Oversized
    • Float and Thermostatic Trap
    • Unit Heater
    • Steam Leak
    • Open Blowdown Valve
    • Deaerator Tank Overflow Trap
    • Heat Exchanger Stall
    • Failed Closed or Valved Off Steam Trap
    • Oversized and Loss of Prime - Inverted Bucket
    • Incorrect Orifice PSI Selection - Inverted Bucket and Float and Thermostatic
    • Open Bypass Valve
    • Gang Trapped
    • Double Trapped
    • Incorrect Piping
  • Chapter 7 - Live / Flash Steam Vent
  • Chapter 8 - The Challenge of Water Conservation
  • Chapter 9 - Solutions to Trap-Related Problems
    • Food Industry
    • Power/Refining Industry
    • Lumber Industry
    • Textile Industry
    • Chemical Industry
  • Conclusion
  • Definitions
  • Appendices
    • Properties of Saturated Steam A
    • Steam Main Drip Pocket Sizing B
    • Estimating Steam Leaks Using Plume Length C
    • Pipe Insulation Savings Chart D
    • Removable Valve Insulation Savings E
  • References
  • Index
  • About the Author


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