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The "Uptime Elements" provide a simple way to understand a holistic, system-based approach to embedding reliability into an organization’s practices and culture. By using a unified theory and precise language to explain the fundamental elements of reliability and how they relate to each other, Uptime Elements allow everyone to gain an understanding of reliability appropriate to the work they do. All things that can be mastered begin with the acquisition of a specialized language that contains words, concepts and ideas. Using the word language in this context means speaking a language in the broader sense of understanding, as well as communicating the grammar, vocabulary and syntax so ideas and creativity can be shared.

Uptime Elements detail a reliability and asset management system that includes the five knowledge domains of:

  • Reliability Engineering for Maintenance (REM)
  • Asset Condition Management (ACM)
  • Work Execution Management (WEM)
  •  Leadership for Reliability (LER)
  •  Asset Management (AM)

The Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System is built on a foundation of four principles for reliability leadership:

1. Integrity – Do what you say you will do.

2. Authenticity – Be who you say you are.

3. Responsibility – Be accountable/take a stand.

4. AIM – Work for something bigger than one’s self.

These leadership fundamentals focus on creating a culture of reliability and when combined with the technical activities of Reliability Engineering for Maintenance, Asset Condition Management and Work Execution Management result in an effective reliability strategy.”

Serie de Pasaportes de los Elementos Uptime® Español


  1. Reliability Engineering for Maintenance
    1. Criticality Analysis
    2. Reliability Strategy Development
    3. Reliability Engineering
    4. Root Cause Analysis
    5. Capital Project Management
    6. Reliability Centered Design
  2. Asset Condition Management
    1. Asset Condition Information
    2. Vibration Analysis
    3. Fluid Analysis
    4. Ultrasound Testing
    5. Infrared Thermal Imaging
    6. Motor Testing
    7. Alignment and Balancing
    8. Non-Destructive Testing
    9. Machinery Lubrication
  3. Work Execution Management
    1. Preventive Maintenance
    2. Planning and Scheduling
    3. Operator Driven Reliability
    4. MRO-Spares Management
    5. Defect Elimination
    6. Computerized Maintenance Management System
  4. Leadership for Reliability
    1. Executive Sponsorship
    2. Operational Excellence
    3. Human Capital Management
    4. Competency Based Learning
    5. Integrity
    6. Reliability Journey (formerly known as the Travel Guide)
  5. Asset Management
    1. Strategy and Plans
    2. Corporate Responsibility
    3. Strategic Asset Management Plan
    4. Risk Management
    5. Asset Knowledge
    6. Asset Lifecycle Management
    7. Decision Making
    8. Performance Indicators
    9. Continuous Improvement


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