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Uptime® ElementsTM Chart
Uptime® ElementsTM Reliability Framework and Asset Management SystemTM is used to give people a simple way to understand Reliability and Asset Management as a system.

Uptime® ElementsTM Transit Map
Uptime® ElementsTM Transit Map is designed to express that every journey is an individual one and there is no set sequence. Additionally, this expresses a holistic Asset Management system as well as the Four Fundamentals of Reliability LeadershipTM.

5 Sources of Defects
Defect Elimination amplifies the Uptime® ElementsTM approach to Defect Elimination by showing the five primary sources of defects. In addition, this highlights how cross functional frontline workforce can be engaged and empowered to improve reliability using this very powerful approach.

How Failure Occurs
How Failure Occurs includes the Design to Installation to Potential Failure to Failure (D-I-P-F) Curve. In Uptime® ElementsTM system, we stress that resistance to failure is created in the design stage and that we work to advance to the precision domain. This is also a powerful tool to show the percentage ranges for the six primary failure patterns.


Maintenance Leadership 101

Make Maintenance Managers Maintenance Leaders