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Williamsburg, Virginia

Infralogix is a trusted reliability firm that provides a full spectrum of services to help our clients achieve the proper “care” for their installed assets. Our goal is simple: To improve our clients’ business (operating) performance by improving equipment reliability and reducing maintenance costs, increasing overall energy efficiency as well as reduction of safety risks at any point along the life-cycle of their installed assets. Our services include condition monitoring and inspection, reliability engineering support, CMMS optimization and technical support. With over 30 years in the industry, our experience spans over various market sectors including: industrial manufacturing, commercial real estate, warehouses/logistics, banking & data centers, and municipal & utility facilities. 

Uptime Elements Coverage:

Reliability Engineering for Maintenance Ca, Re, Rca
Asset Condition Management Aci, Vib, Fa, Ut, Ir, Lu
Work Execution Management Pm, De, Cmms, Mro


1315 Jamestown Road
Suite 201
Williamsburg, Virginia 23185
Phone: (757) 229-2965