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Certified Reliability Leader Complete Body of Knowledge


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The Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMP) has developed an exam and certification based on the Uptime Elements Passport Series and its Reliability Leadership system. The CRL Body of Knowledge (BoK), when expressed in the system, is designed to deliver value to what we call the triple bottom line of:

  • Economic Prosperity
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Social Responsibility


The body of knowledge that creates the foundation for the exam and certification includes:

  1. Certified Reliability Leader Uptime Elements Passports (5)
    1. Reliability Engineering for Maintenance
      1. Criticality Analysis
      2. Reliability Strategy Development
      3. Reliability Engineering
      4. Root Cause Analysis
      5. Capital Project Management
      6. Reliability Centered Design
    2. Asset Condition Management
      1. Asset Condition Information
      2. Vibration Analysis
      3. Fluid Analysis
      4. Ultrasound Testing
      5. Infrared Thermal Imaging
      6. Motor Testing
      7. Alignment and Balancing
      8. Non-Destructive Testing
      9. Machinery Lubrication
    3. Work Execution Management
      1. Preventive Maintenance
      2. Planning and Scheduling
      3. Operator Driven Reliability
      4. MRO-Spares Management
      5. Defect Elimination
      6. Computerized Maintenance Management System
    4. Leadership for Reliability
      1. Executive Sponsorship
      2. Operational Excellence
      3. Human Capital Management
      4. Competency Based Learning
      5. Integrity
      6. Reliability Journey (formerly known as the Travel Guide)
    5. Asset Management
      1. Strategy and Plans
      2. Corporate Responsibility
      3. Strategic Asset Management Plan
      4. Risk Management
      5. Asset Knowledge
      6. Asset Lifecycle Management
      7. Decision Making
      8. Performance Indicators
      9. Continuous Improvement
  2. The Journey to Improved Business Performance by Stephen J. Thomas - While the storyline is a fictional account about business change made in a plant environment, readers will quickly realize that the tools found here can be successfully applied in all lines of business. Anyone working to make a change for the better in their business will benefit from this book.
  3. Uptime Elements Dictionary for Reliability Leaders and Asset Managers by Ramesh Gulati – This dictionary contains the latest definitions of reliability maintenance and asset management terms, including acronyms. It helps standardize definitions and serves as an excellent reference point for all certifications. It is a perfect tool for readers seeking something easier to use, lighter to carry and laser focused in topic.
  4. Don’t Just Fix It, Improve It! by Winston P. Ledet, Winston J. Ledet and Sherri M. Abshire - James Emery is struggling to balance his various roles as husband, father, and plant manager for Modern Products Manufacturing. When an accident occurs at the plant, leaving people seriously injured, James feels responsible. In his struggles to create a safe place for employees to work while satisfying his superiors with improved performance, he begins his journey to the Precision Domain. Read as James embarks on a journey of lasting Heroic Change.
  5. Four posters: Uptime Elements, Uptime Elements Transit Map, Sources of Defects, S-D-I-P-F Safety Reliability Curve

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