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 CMMS Explained Made Simple

CMMS Explained Made Simple


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79 6 x 9 in.

ISBN: 9780985361914



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About this title

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is one of the critical foundational elements necessary for the implementation of Best Practices for Maintenance and Operations. The CMMS is designed to automate standardized business processes, collect historical information and leverage the computer’s ability to quickly sort and analyze large amounts of data. This proactive tool when properly implemented and utilized provides accurate and timely data, enabling informed maintenance and operational management decisions.


"This concise, very readable book offers sound counsel to all parties dealing with Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). Dave unselfishly shares knowledge gained through many years providing hands-on support to clients helping them to work through a variety of pitfalls frequently encountered before a CMMS installation yields its full potential.

The book effectively and concisely delivers essential CMMS insights and shares experiences of a knowledgeable professional; thereby helping readers to:

  • Understand the many required inputs to, and the proactive applications of a comprehensive CMMS installation
  • Realize and appreciate the magnitude of commitment, support, and investment required to gain an effectively functional CMMS. The full investment, including internal as well as external costs, is several multiples of the initial cost for CMMS software.
  • Realize the many reliability and cost-control benefits of a successful CMMS installation
  • Avoid the many pitfalls of a poor CMMS installation
  • Appreciate the wisdom of an “assessment” prior to replacement of an existing, under-performing system with a next generation system. An assessment addresses an important question: “Is a next generation system absolutely needed, or is an effective “reinstallation” of the current system all that is needed. There is little point of making another major investment if the local organization has not reaped the full benefit of the current CMMS.

All parties can benefit from digestion and application of the excellent guidance and wisdom divulged within this book. It offers important insights throughout the CMMS process: from specification of desired system attributes to justification, software selection, establishment of installation plan and team, start-up, application, and debugging as necessary. It also explains:

  • Inputs to, outputs from, and applications of each CMMS module
  • Preparation for a successful installation of a new or upgraded CMMS, or for reinstallation of a system that has been poorly installed (“How to retrieve a Problematic Installation”.

Don Nyman, author of The 15 Most Common Obstacles to World Class Reliability Maintenance Planning, Coordination & Scheduling

"Well as the saying goes, if you have trouble falling asleep at night just pick up any engineering or maintenance book and....... This is not the case for CMMS Explained. This is a very easy and readable book that explains what a CMMS is and what it is not. I wish that there was writing this concise for everything that we do in the maintenance world.

I have had the opportunity to learn from Dave first hand on how to re-implement a CMMS. I thought our existing system was a waste of money and we needed something new. Dave very quickly pointed out to me why I was dissatisfied with our current system. It was because we never executed the fundamental steps of a good implementation which rendered our CMMS ineffective. He lays out a plan for a successful implementation in his book that is easy to follow and execute.

This book does a great job explaining the necessary elements needed for a successful implementation of your CMMS. When I was reading the passages, I could hear Dave’s voice explaining to me why this is important to get it right. And that is why it does not work for you right now, thus your frustration.

If you want to educate yourself or others on what a good CMMS implementation looks like from a perspective of real experiences and working knowledge, this is the book to read. This is a practical no nonsense guide to your journey of CMMS execution. Who wants a working CMMS that drives your business by accurate data?"

Ron Bitely, Manager Reliability Excellence at Georgia-Pacific Gypsum Division, LLC


  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 CMMS Purpose
  • Chapter 2 Tips, Tricks and Hints
  • Chapter 3 CMMS Implementation Sequence of Events
  • Chapter 4 Dissecting a Typical System
  • Chapter 5 Previously Published
  • CMMS Tips

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