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 Operations Excellence Master Class (DVD)

Operations Excellence Master Class (DVD)

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This DVD features the Operations Excellence Master Class, exploring the strategies and practices that underpin some of the world s best operating companies. The Master Class will describe models for achieving Operations Excellence and will show how the best plants are able to compete globally through the application of a Reliability Strategy; one which combines the best elements of Lean Manufacturing, TPM, RCM, six sigma and other methodologies as well as excellence in operations and maintenance practices. Through extensive case study examples we will show how the right strategy ensures maximum production capacity by making fundamental changes in the way processes and equipment are designed, operated and maintained. Costs are avoided by eliminating defects (which cause the costs in the first place) and optimizing work that adds value, thereby ensuring sustained cost reductions. What you will learn: Operations Excellence and Reliability Principles: You can apply these to maximize process uptime, eliminate unplanned downtime, improve quality and minimize costs, not through cost cutting but by the relentless application of defect elimination to avoid costs. Design, Purchasing, Stores, Installation, Start-up/Shutdown, Operation and Maintenance Practices: Strengths and weaknesses of various approaches and their relationship with Operations Excellence. Your plant s actual capacity compared to its ideal capacity; issues that are contributing to the losses from ideal and how to address each issue limiting capacity; how your plant s performance and practices compare to best practice and world-class benchmarks. Improvement Strategy: How to develop a business case for Operations Excellence and win support from business leaders; how to develop an improvement strategy and prioritize the improvement efforts; how to align your leadership to a common strategy and engage your workforce in delivering your improvement plan. Leadership Issues: Understand the key differences between Leadership and Management; learn how to create a culture for Operations Excellence in your organization and how to sustain the efforts in the longer-term.


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