CRL 1-hr: Nov 7 Introduction to Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System

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This workshop will provide you with a clear understanding of FRACAS and is based on Ricky Smith and Bill Keeter's Book on FRACAS. FRACAS (Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System) provides the process by which failures can be reported in a timely manner, analyzed, and a corrective action system put into place in order to eliminate or mitigate the recurrence of a failure. Features Best Practices in Maintenance and Reliability to include how FRACAS integrates with this methodology. Continuous improvement using FRACAS to ensure your current maintenance strategies are effective Elimination of equipment failures Effective FRACAS Key Performance Indicators How does FRACAS identify failures and work with current processes What is the value of FRACAS in the early identification of failures What is management s role in the success of FRACAS Common problems in failure identification How Failure Threads are identified and used to resolve common failure amongst different equipment Identification of Roles and Responsibilities for everyone for effective failure reporting and elimination.


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