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 The Journey Continues

The Journey Continues

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About this title

For those of you who have read The Journey, you met Todd Bradley and experienced his efforts to achieve improved plant reliability at ATPCo, his place of employment at the time. Todd, the management team, the union and all of the workers at the plant not only vastly improved equipment reliability, but they made the plant the most productive and reliable within the company. In fact, the plant was so productive that they were able to partner with another manufacturing firm to produce epsilon, a new product formed from tractium. This partnership, along with the reliability improvements that were made at the plant, ultimately saved the company from bankruptcy.

The Journey Continues follows Todd to his next challenge. After he left his job at ATPCo, he took some time off only to be contacted by his old friend Pat, the former ATPCo plant manager now working as the Operations Manager at ADEE. Pat is searching for a new maintenance manager at his plant and, having worked successfully with Todd, has set his goal to bring Todd on board in that role.

This is where The Journey Continues begins. The next chapter of Todd’s life is far different than the one he led at ATPCo. The plant is not totally stuck in the “break it, fix it” maintenance mode Todd originally experienced at ATPCo, but it does have its own set of problems that hold it back from vastly improved performance. It’s up to Todd, the other managers and his reliability team to overcome the barriers that exist and move the company forward. How that is accomplished is the story that Todd relates in this book.

Acerca del Autor - Stephen J. Thomas

Stephen J. Thomas

Stephen J. Thomas has worked in the refining industry in the areas of maintenance and reliability for over forty-five years. During that period, he has held many positions of responsibility within the maintenance organization, including turnaround execution and management. His experience, coupled with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Drexel University and master’s degrees in Systems Engineering and Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania, has given him a unique perspective. Steve has also authored seven books and two workbooks on various subjects, with a focus on change management, and has presented this material for private clients and at various maintenance and reliability conferences.


Table of Contents


Author’s Note


Cast of Characters

CHAPTER 1: Let’s Get Caught Up

CHAPTER 2: Interviewing for the Job

CHAPTER 3: The Final Interview

CHAPTER 4: Dinner

CHAPTER 5: Relocation

CHAPTER 6: The First Team Meeting

CHAPTER 7: Walking Around

CHAPTER 8: Conclusions Based on Facts

CHAPTER 9: Operations

CHAPTER 10: Engineering

CHAPTER 11: Developing Our Plan

CHAPTER 12: Skepticism Addressed

CHAPTER 13: The Work Study Initiative

CHAPTER 14: The Plan

CHAPTER 15: Senior Leadership Meeting: Morning Session

CHAPTER 16: Senior Leadership Meeting: Afternoon Session

CHAPTER 17: The Light Bulb Goes On

CHAPTER 18: Scott Goes on a Trip

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