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 The Visual Management Handbook

The Visual Management Handbook


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ISBN: 9781941872383



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About this title

If you close your eyes and are asked to visualize the Eiffel Tower, can you? What about the Sphinx? Or the Great Pyramid?

Most human beings who have seen pictures of these icons can visualize them due to the power of the human brain. The human brain can imprint these visions, even if the person has just seen them in a picture book.

According to a U.S. federal government study, approximately eighty-three percent of human learning occurs through visuals. Additionally, information that is communicated visually is retained six times greater than information that is conveyed by oral communication alone.

This guide will show the many benefits of visual management and give you visual tips on how to implement visual management in your own company. So, your journey now begins into the visual management world. A world with very few words, but many, many images.

Acerca del Autor - Mary Jo Cherney & Robert Dapere

Mary Jo Cherney is the Manager, Centralized Maintenance, for Total Productive Maintenance and Global Maintenance Reliability at Nissan NA, Smyrna Manufacturing. Previously, she implemented continuous improvement in a variety of industries throughout the United States.

Robert Dapere is a consultant in world-class manufacturing. He has many opportunities to develop and formalize visual management programs with his clients. Previously, he held various positions in manufacturing industries, including production, quality, HR and maintenance.


  • Robert's Foreword
  • Mary Jo's Foreword
  • Introducing Visual Management
    • When Superheroes Become the Roadblocks
    • Japan and the Religion of Standards
    • Beyond the Concept of Standard
  • Answering Your Preliminary Questions
    • Could you define in a few words what visual management is?
    • Is visual management applicable in all areas of business and trade?
    • What is your personal experience with visual management?
    • Why do you believe I should be interested in visual management?
    • How much does it cost to implement visual management? What are my benefits?
    • How long does it take to fully implement visual management and, by the way, what does “fully” mean?
    • What method do you suggest to implement visual management? Is there any best way?
    • Why do you believe my employees should be interested in visual management?
  • Safety
    • Seeing, Being Seen
    • Emergency Situations
    • Where Are the People? Who Is Inside?
  • Medical Visual Management
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain
    • Simple Instructions Made Visual
    • Lubrication Made Easy
  • Easy to Inspect
    • General Guidelines
    • Electrical Inspection Made Easy
    • Mechanical and Process Inspection Made Easy
    • Process Inspection Made Easy
    • Good Housekeeping
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Easy to Manage
    • How to Use One Point Lessons
    • How to Write, Check and Use Standards
    • The Whiteboards
    • Real Time and Non-Real Time Anaylsis
    • Winning Out Over Oblivion
    • Training and Skills Management
  • Visual Management and Recognition
  • How to Use This Handbook in a Plant
  • How to Use This Handbook in Design
  • Epilogue
  • Would You Like to Contribute?
  • Photo Credits and Acknowledgments
  • About the Authors


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