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Uptime Elements Implementation Guide (2nd Edition)

Uptime Elements Implementation Guide (2nd Edition)

Enabling the Reliability and Sustainability Journey


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180 pages 8.5"x11"

ISBN: 978-1-7356964-9-2



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Published: 2022

About This Title

An effective reliability and asset management journey delivers your organization’s mission and vision.
There is a direct correlation between effective reliability and asset management and high levels of safety
and sustainability.

Many public and private sector organizations around the world have initiated a reliability and asset
management journey to create safe, sustainable and successful workplaces by driving efficiency and
effectiveness, mitigating risks, and managing the asset value generation throughout the entire lifecycle.
Research from and many other sources shows that this is no easy journey, with an
average seventy percent failure rate in terms of generating sustainable business success.

The development and implementation of a reliability and asset management program most often focuses
on the technical aspects of the journey and not the people and cultural journey itself. The journey is filled
with challenges, changes, barriers, difficult decisions, successes and failures. How does one understand
these items and how should they be approached in advance of the journey?

The Reliability Leadership Foundation Consortium was assembled to analyze the reliability and asset
management program journey to glean and present the wisdom, advice and recommendations of those
who have made the journey utilizing the five domains of the Uptime® Elements A Reliability Framework
and Asset Management System™, the sixth domain from the Uptime® Elements Digitalization Strategy
Framework, plus the Uptime® Elements Sustainability Map.

Over fifty certified reliability leadership practitioners contributed to the Uptime Elements Implementation
Guide. They are deeply experienced practitioners who use the Uptime Elements frameworks to guide “the
journey,” and thus have gained experience in developing, implementing and/or operating a successful
reliability and asset management journey. They have experienced the ups and downs, the successes and
failures and the barriers, and have applied the remedies. They have the change management experience
required to create valuable and sustainable reliability and asset management solutions that lead with
people and culture, include the appropriate technical approaches, and align business processes to
achieve organizational objectives.

As of 2022, over six thousand locations have implemented the Uptime Elements, supported by
approximately four thousand certified reliability leaders, making the Uptime Elements one of the most
implemented approaches in the world. The framework works.

The output of these Consortiums has resulted in this second edition of the Uptime Elements
Implementation Guide. This guide is all about the success factors that support the journey. It’s a must-
read if you are seeking to improve your reliability and asset management program as you create safe,
sustainable and successful organizations.

Discover how to implement the Uptime Elements in your organization today.



Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Asset Management

Chapter 3: Leadership for Reliability

Chapter 4: Reliability Engineering for Maintenance

Chapter 5: Asset Condition Management

Chapter 6: Work Execution Management

Chapter 7: Internet of Things Digitalization

Chapter 8: Tales from the Shop

Chapter 9: Success Stories

Chapter 10: Conclusion

Appendix A: Work Categorization and Work Types

Appendix B: Resources


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