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COVID 2019 POLICY for Conferences COVID-19 Policy for Conference Attendees

ReliabilityWeb (RW) is committed to the health and safety of our attendees and staff. While the risk remains low at this time, we cannot ensure a virus-free environment. Planning and execution of MaximoWorld and the International Maintenance Conference in 2021 included significant adjustments by the Conference Locations to comply with recommendations of the Center for Disease Control. Before committing to hold a conference, RW required all Conference Locations to address concerns regarding Enhanced Cleaning, Hygiene Stations, Reduced Touch check-in, Physical Distancing, Ventilation, and Food Safety.

As recommended by CDC, event staff and attendees are advised to stay home if they have tested positive for COVID-19, are waiting for COVID-19 test results, have COVID-19 symptoms, or if they have had close contact with a person who has tested positive for or who has symptoms of COVID-19.

RW will abide by all Federal, State, and Local laws in force at the time of a Conference as well as recommendations by the Center for Disease Control. RW will remain in contact with local health officials and monitor CDC recommendations.

CDC recommends conducting health checks such as temperature screening and other symptom checking of staff and attendees in a way that is safe and respectful, and in accordance with any applicable privacy laws and regulations. It is important to keep in mind that temperature screening and screening of symptoms alone may not prevent someone from attending the event who has COVID-19. RW will abide by all Conference Location (Hotel) policies regarding screening people entering the facility. Should screening reveal an elevated risk for an attendee, the person will be isolated immediately to prevent exposure to conference participants.

RW has adjusted the size of an event based on the ability of attendees and vendors to stay 6 feet (2 arm lengths) apart. Physical distancing is essential and will be enforced by event staff.

Staff and attendees wear well-fitting masks that fit completely over their nose and mouth. Compliance will be monitored by event staff; failure to comply will result in removal from the Conference Location.

RW discourages attendees and staff from greeting others with physical contact (for example, handshakes). Signage reminding attendees to avoid contact, maintaining physical distance, and mask wearing must be posted throughout Conference Location.MaximoWorld 2021 will be a handshake-free conference. We recommend the MaximoWorld elbow tap.

Staff and attendees are encouraged to wash their hands frequently (for example, before, during, and after taking tickets, or after touching garbage) with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and increase monitoring to ensure adherence. If soap and water are not readily available, staff and attendees can use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol and rub their hands until dry. Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the Conference Location.

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