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Cause Mapping

Perfectly aligned with Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System approach to engaging cross-functional teams in collaborational problem solving, in this Workshop, apply cause-and-effect thinking to your problems. ThinkReliability’s Cause Mapping method is a simple application of the scientific method. It’s an uncomplicated way to systematically investigate and prevent problems - from basic to the most complex. Too often companies make problem-solving confusing. Attendees describe this workshop as a refreshing approach. We offer no jargon, terminology, or lingo and there’s no proprietary software to buy. By focusing on the basics, we show individuals and groups how to make complex problems clearer to find better solutions.

Who Should Attend

The Cause Mapping for Facilitators + Documentation workshop will benefit anyone who wants to improve their problem-solving and problem communication skills AND wants to be able to quickly facilitate and document the details in Excel.

Learn How to

  • Break down and analyze any problem within your organization
  • Apply valuable communication skills and techniques in day-to-day problem solving
  • Apply fundamental cause-and-effect relationship patterns to expand your solution set
  • Reveal the most effective solution(s) to a problem
  • Avoid the 5 miscommunication traps that derail group problem-solving sessions
  • Incorporate facilitation tips and strategies when leading a group problem-solving session
  • Drive a “prevention” instead of “blame” focus during an investigation
  • Utilize a Cumulative Cause Map to share lessons learned across your organization
  • Efficiently organize and document a complete investigation within the Cause Mapping Template