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Essential Components of a World-Class Ut Program & Strategy Management - Making Data Actionable

Now your entire team can attend Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference held 100% online – with no travel and no expenses. We make it easy on the team’s schedule with bi-weekly 1-hour sessions that include Keynote Talks, an Uptime Elements Educational Session and three innovative Solution Provider presentations and demos.

This week's topics:

Keynote: Essential Components of a World-Class Ultrasound Program
by Adrian Messer, Manager of US Operations, UE Systems Inc.

When implementing a PdM technology, such as ultrasound, too many times the focus is solely on the “tool.” If there are not processes in place that allow for the use of the ultrasound instrument, a program will struggle to succeed. A successful ultrasound implementation will focus on the People, Processes, Tools, & Metrics that should be discussed prior to an ultrasound implementation.

Educational Session: Strategy Management - Making Data Actionable
by Oli Hakansson, Managing Director Europe, Nexus Global

Nearly everyone applies a combination of the primary maintenance strategies to their assets, be it condition-based, fixed time, or run to failure. At the same time, few clients have truly actionable inspection data with an up to date, visible display of their facility's fitness to support their lifecycle asset management. Join us for a journey into that world. 

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