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Euromaintenance 4.0

Euromaintenance is the biggest European congress & exhibition on industrial maintenance and asset management. The next edition - Euromaintenance 4.0 - takes place in Antwerp (Belgium) from September 24th - 27th 2018.

On the verge of the 4th industrial revolution, IoT and predictive analytics are bringing unseen possibilities in maintenance, reliability and condition monitoring. Euromaintenance 4.0 aims to provide a comprehensive and attractive agenda of learning opportunities for CTO’s, asset managers, group maintenance & reliability leaders, maintenance & reliability engineers, condition monitoring specialists and operational managers working in asset intensive industries in Europe and the rest of the world. The event will focus on disruptive technologies without omitting the essential basics and best practices in the field of maintenance, reliability, condition monitoring and asset management.

Euromaintenance 4.0 presents a unique opportunity to share your experience and expertise or to showcase your innovation in these fields. Euromaintenance, since 1972 the most important European conference for Maintenance, was for the first time organised in Belgium in 2008. Up to present, Euromaintenance 2008 was the most successful Maintenance conference in Europe, with more than 750 participants from 51 countries all over the world. Euromaintenance 4.0 aims to go beyond the successes of 2008.

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