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Level 2 Vibration Analysis Training

Failure Prevention Associates is pleased to announce that our vibration training and certification complies with the ISO 18436-2 and ASNT’s SNT-TC-1A standards. All vibration training classes are reviewed by and registered with ASNT (American Society of Nondestructive Testing).

A unique class registration number is issued by ASNT for every one of our classes.

In reviewing our curriculum, ASNT grants 2.4 continuing education units for the FPA vibration analysis training classes.

Students receive certificates for grades of 80% or greater. Major credit cards accepted for tuition fees.


(6 months experience with vibration analysis required)

  • Day 1: Vibration Science
  • Day 2: Practical Field Analysis
  • Day 3: Vibration Practical – Data Collection & Analysis
  • Day 4: Vibration Certification Level 2 Testing