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Predictive Maintenance Strategy

Condition-based maintenance is a philosophy that uses the equipment’s operating condition to make data-driven decisions and improve quality, productivity and profitability. Unlike industry courses that focus on applying specific predictive technologies like vibration monitoring or oil analysis, this course focuses on establishing, managing and sustaining results from a comprehensive condition-based program.

Learn How To:

  • Draft program action plan
  • Explain how a combination of maintenance strategies mitigates risk and optimizes your asset maintenance plan.
  • Define the purpose and benefits of CbM.
  • Describe how PdM enables proactive maintenance planning and scheduling.
  • Explain how to use risk mitigation to establish a condition-based maintenance program.
  • Make a business case to justify CbM program investment.
  • Summarize benchmarks and trends in PdM/CbM disciplines.
  • Summarize prevalent condition-based technologies
  • Report program results: reliability and financial value.