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Maintenance Planner / Scheduler - Work Coordinator - Bethesda, Maryland

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Maintenance Planner / Scheduler Work Coordinator (PSWC) - The primary role of the PSWC is to improve work force productivity and work quality by anticipating and eliminating potential delays through planning and coordination of labor, parts and material, tools and equipment, required permits, specialized documentation and equipment access. The PWSC is responsible for the planning and scheduling of all non-emergency maintenance work performed in the area to which he/she is assigned. He/she maintains coordination between the various maintenance groups and Facility Managers and maintains appropriate records and files to permit meaningful analysis and reporting of results.

Job Description: 

Receives and reviews all non-emergency work orders from the requesting departments of the areas to which he/she is assigned. • The PSWC reviews and screens each work order to see that it has been properly filled out with the required information by the requester of the work • Examines all non-emergency work orders to be done and determines scope and best way to accomplish the work. • Identifies and obtains materials required on the work order. Consults with requester, maintenance supervisor, engineers or craftsman when necessary. • Ensures safety needs are given a top priority in work planning and scheduling. • Reviews, plans and schedules all recurring PM (preventive maintenance) activities • Develops an integrated maintenance work schedule for the maintenance area supervisor/leads (including PM, PDM, and non-emergency repair work orders). • Works with Facility Managers to properly prioritize work and ensure proper resource allocation • Develops and maintains planner reference systems (library) including a file of planned job packages for recurring jobs. Equipment and process specific labor and material information within the library are used to simplify the planning of new jobs. • Ensures completed schedules and work orders are returned promptly and that all completed work orders are filled out completely by the craftsman, maintenance supervisor, and authorized contractor representatives. • Performs post job reviews to ensure actual work performed and post maintenance testing was adequate; identify changes needed to PM program (based on activity results) and/or changes to equipment design and/or inventory management practices to optimize the overall maintenance process

Job Requirements:

It is essential that this position be staffed by personnel with both technical knowledge and human relation skills. This position is a key member of a cross functional team that supports the improvement of plant reliability and the move from reactive to proactive maintenance work. This is a highly skilled position within the maintenance organization that requires prior experience with the equipment, processes, and workflow within the facilities.

• Strong knowledge of CMMS systems and related systems/software • Strong knowledge of work management processes, labor estimating, resource balancing, etc • Good working knowledge of facilities equipment and O&M requirements • Strong understanding of proper OSHA safety practices and procedures • Good organization skills • Strong understanding of skilled crafts such as HVAC, carpentry, electricity and electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, plumbing and pipe fitting, etc. • Ability to read and understand blueprints and/or schematic diagrams • Technical writing ability • Strong oral and written communications skills • Demonstrated ability for independent decision-making • Must be flexible and responsive to the needs of the business • Must have the ability to overcome obstacles and have the organizational skills necessary to complete assignments in a timely manner • Demonstrated ability to be proactive in problem solving and to lead the resolution of equipment problems

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Location: Bethesda, Maryland