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Paint Process Engineering Leader - Dublin

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This position is responsible for supporting the Paint Business Unit by coordinating and directing the efforts of the Paint Process Team. Providing technical direction and management of the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of people, materials and equipment. Leading continuous improvement projects to improve processes and lead the development of operating systems used in the Paint shop for application of surface pretreatment, electrocoat, primer, and topcoats. These systems include processing equipment for air, water, solvents, and paint. To include fluid delivery, and paint application, waste stream process, and general Paintshop equipment. Lead the Paintshop Business Team in optimizing surface treatment and paint processes to assure best practices are used to meet operational targets for Quality, Cost, and Delivery.

Core Responsibilities Develop and maintain teamwork within the Paint Process group Manage the activities of the Paint Process group in productivity improvement, waste elimination, process development, and quality improvements for paint application Establish, manage, and maintain systems to measure key indicators of plant performance for Quality, Delivery, and Productivity Develop and lead competitive manufacturing teams for the Paintshop with respect to quality, productivity, throughput cost, and HPT improvements Support Paint Business Team with optimization of waste elimination, quality improvements, operating system controls, material flow, footprint development, and efficiency improvements Support Paint Business Team in capital budgeting, equipment request, process improvements, scheduling, capital improvements and project management as required Ensure development and compliance of ISO documented processes Coordinate the smooth implementation of production changes are required Maintain a current knowledge level of emerging concepts, techniques and technologies related to our processes to provide future guidance and vision for improving existing integrated manpower, methods and machines Lead Team activities focused on new processes and facility initiatives related to the NRV Paint Shop Lead and participate in Continuous Improvement activities, including PDCA, Kaizen Events, and Structured Problem Solving Develop Team Members for future advancement opportunities within the Volvo organization. Activities should include performance reviews, mentoring, and structured development planning Follow a way of working that is in accordance to the Volvo Production System Responsible for purchase orders for paint, solvent and chemical supplies

Competencies Leadership & Teamwork: Build co-operation among individuals and departments, sharing information and resources, and working to achieve group goals and outcomes Flexibility: Performing a wide range of tasks, responding to changes in direction and priorities, and accepting new challenges, responsibilities, and assignments Accountability: Taking the lead in getting the job done and accepting responsibility for personal actions, costs and results Analytical Skills: Recognizing patterns in data, information, or events, drawing logical conclusions, and making recommendations for action Planning & Organization: Anticipating the organization’s future needs and structuring resources and actions in a logical manner Creativity/Innovation: Reframing traditional patterns of thinking and applying new and evolving ideas, methods, designs and technologies Problem Solving/Decision Making: Taking a well-ordered approach to solving problems and acting despite obstacles or resistance

Minimum education and experience Bachelors in Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial Engineering, or equivalent and/or a minimum of 8 years of experience in a Tier One Parts, or OEM Automotive Paint Shop operation

Skills Detailed knowledge of paint application equipment, pretreatment systems, Paint shop productivity improvement practices, tools, and methods. Ability to effectively develop a vision, plan, and coordinate the activities of the Paint Technicians with the Paint Business Team Working knowledge of computer systems and Microsoft Office products Leadership experience in improving automotive painting operations using a combination of technical, leadership, and managerial skill sets Practical experience with using project management skill sets in a manufacturing environment Proven ability to lead and develop functional and goal driven Teams Ideal previous experience will be a leadership role within a Tier One Parts, OEM Truck, or OEM Automotive Paint Shop operation

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Location: Dublin